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By: samaratzakoopi | May 24, 2016

What are the trends which are in! This is the question every girl wants to know. Every year as the seasons change and new styles come in trend, we get to see some amazing fashion trends. Every fashion week and every new designer comes up with something new. You might watch em all, but there is so much to see. You might not even know what trends are coming out of all these brilliant outfits and designs. So here we are to tell you all about the styles and trends you should be up-to-date with.

Bright Stripes- 



Big bright stripes are all in this season. If you want to go for something which is not only very in, but also, a style you can wear comfortably and casually. You can go for this style in skirts dresses as well as a top. Big stripes are perfect for the first half of the year.




Micro pleats are totally in this season. Once again, you can go for skirts or dresses in the same. This style is very good, even if you want to go for something which has a casual comfortable fit ( A good idea with these is to do a half plain half micropleated.




Is this trend ever going to end? I don’t think so. Sequins are totally, once again, really in this season. Sequins on dresses, tops, shorts even jumpsuits, are totally in. Put some sequins on next time you go out to party! You just cant go wrong with this.

Romantic Ruffles-



This is one of the heroes of the season. Ruffles are totally in this season. You can do ruffles in chiffon or you can go for layered ruffles. These look amazing if you are going for midi length dresses.

Cold Shoulder-



This is what you want to wear to your next date. This is such a flirty addition to any top/dress. Cold shoulder can totally be casual as well as occasion wear. You need to make sure you choose the right bottoms with this!

Sporty Mesh



Mesh goes sporty this season. After all the sexy skin show with mesh, it has become a total sporty thing. Go for a mesh top with full sleeves and wear a bralette. You have the new sexy sporty outfit. This is totally in this season. You can also go for a dress in this same style!

Low Waist Pants



These are fashion’s new favourite children. If you want to go for something which is very easy to style, you should go for low waisted pants. If you want to play safe, go for a long top. To go all retro chic, go for a short top and rock it your way! Crop tops are love!

These are some amazing fashion trends you can totally try on this season. Don’t forget to add some of your own sass (we mean style, of course) to whatever fashion trend you want to try on!

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By: samaratzakoopi | February 11, 2016

Jeans and tops are considered to be some of the most basics and important pieces of apparels in the wardrobe. This goes for every man and woman. These are actually some of those rare pieces of gems that can work magically with every kind of mood: sassy, classic, bohemian, angry, somber and so on. Also, a jeans and top can actually transform daily, monotonous looks of a person into something very different. However buying a pair of well-fitted as well as good looking jeans and tops can be considered a hazardous job if you are in short of patience and not a shopaholic. After lots of fuss when we tend to find the perfect one, we desperately hope for those to the last longer, forever actually. Anyway, it is always advisable that instead of following the trend blindly one should be more careful about his or her personal choice.  Here are few tips on what to look for while picking up a perfect pair of jeans and stylish tops.


General Tips:

Before you go for shopping, make sure that you know your right size. For this, you need to know your waist size and inseam length. In order to do that, use a generally flexible measuring tape. If you already have good-fitting jeans, measuring that one will also do. The length of jeans also should matter. Measure the length of your jeans as it seems compatible with your height.

There are different kinds of jeans available: ‘Boot Cut’, ‘Straight fit’, ‘Skinny’, ‘Boyfriend’, Mom, Tapered Jeans, ‘Bellbottoms’ and so on. Choose from this one according to your style, body types and personality.

Your style and fashion should reflect your mood, personality. Therefore, while selecting the colours, go according to your personality.

Wear jeans which complement your body types and hides the areas of your body which are not perfect or you are not comfortable with.

If you want to go for washed jeans, there are lots of choices available: ‘Stone Washed’, ‘Rinsed Washed’, ‘Soft Washed’, ‘Sand Washed’ and so on.

While going for shopping, try to bring a friend who knows what suits you best. Don’t settle for the very first ones. Try different kinds and then pick up what suits you best.

There are several different choices are available in the case of tops. You can buy tunics, formal tops with collar, solid-colored tops, printed, lace and so on.

Which brand to look for?

There are lots of brands available for buying jeans. Online shopping is also a great option. However, it is better to go to a shopping mall and get the perfect pair after comparing with different other kinds of jeans with different style and cuts. Levis jeans are perfect for any kind of occasion. These jeans come in all shapes, colour and shades with different cuts. Besides the style, these jeans are very hardy, comfortable and most importantly, affordable. There are so many varieties in tops too. You can get knit tops, blouses, denim tops and so on in affordable price.

Pay a visit to your nearest shopping mall after reading these tips and gift yourself the perfect pair of jeans and top.

By: samaratzakoopi | February 11, 2016

Everyone whether its man or woman, wants to look gorgeous. And whether you have an attractive look as a god gift or not, dress plays a very important role in bringing out your personality.

And here pantaloons the apparel retails store has played the trick to gain the popularility. From its inception and still going on, the brand apparels at this store are the ever longing likings of all the people. We are always confused about what to wear and what not to wear on the different occasions. But once you step in the store, the different stylish collection will surely is the answer to the confusion of what to wear.


Fashion has played a vital role in the prosperity of the retail industries. And they are in constant changing mode. Those who can cope up with the rate of change then they can return back the high profit and high popularility among the customers. Pantaloons are such fashion retail store which can keep the pace up with the fashion industry.

Constantly they are launching something new which is matching up with the upcoming trend of the different generations. And it is the most important factor which can bring the different people from all the levels of the society to the store.

New launch for the energetic women with shopping spree

With the different innovative ideas, the retailers are bringing up new ideas. Pantaloons have the idea of launching some fresh thoughts like the woman’s Wednesday. And they created a fashion statement for the woman to wear on the Wednesday and they have a spectrum of ready to wear apparels in their stores. With a lot of fun for woman on Wednesday shopping, these are the fashion industry customer appealing offers to have a fashion trend in your life. Thus it keep up the freshness in you and look good to feel good.

Movies based fashion trend is popular

Based on the motives of the fashion statement of the Bollywoods and Hollywood, pantaloons have launched the fashion dresses of the different movie among which are the recent movie Bang. The movie themed dresses are in high demand among the women customers which are always tried to follow these trends. Woman apparels and other accessories items are on discount up to fifty percent which again brings a lot of customers. People are always in search of something cheaper and when they can get such a good quality product in a cheaper rate then most of them get interested.

New ideas grabbed by the retail store to be the latest one

Fashion industry is a place where innovation is on exhibition. And whatever innovation you are coming over it can be the latest trend to be followed. Pantaloons, being a highly popular retail store, are also in the search of such kind of innovation that will bring up spicy and lively fashion trends in all. Thus a new launch is just a frequent process as they are on the constant search of the innovations. Women and men who are matching their steps with this fashion industry are getting these products as the hot cakes in the market thus making themselves more gorgeous and beautiful.

By: samaratzakoopi | February 09, 2016

Zara a very popular brand name all over the world has its origin at the Spain. This Spanish clothing retailer is being the most fast growing business which has also brought a high popularility and demand in the country India. Many a places are having their store so that people do not face problem in getting the brand clothe from their store. They started with nine stores and now have reached until seventeen stores at different places. The Inditex, the parent company of Zara is thus presently the largest apparel retailer in the world. This fashion retails has also the brands of some of the famous designers available in their stores.


Tempting and attractive reasons to shop at Zara

The good quality products and new Fashionable dress materials and accessories are snatching away the looks of all. And thus they are getting attracted towards their items. Moreover, not only the style but also the quality of the product which also keeps a value. And for all these reasons, Zara India is making a high profit business in this country which is a quite a high percentage than any other retail marketing are doing. And this growth is encouraging them to scatter out to many other places still now in this country.

Those who are style obsessed they cannot control themselves from shopping and with the store like Zara where the fashion is fast changing, you cannot control yourself in maintaining your budget while you enter their showrooms. And to meet the high demand they have come up with multiple stores in India.

Places where the stores are spreaded in various states

Zara India is located at seventeen places in this country. The store is spreaded all over through the country with a lot of property.

In the state of west Bengal, Zara India is located at Esplanade, in the Sreeram Arcade where it I s the only women clothing store.

Next is the state of Maharashtra, Zara is in the Byramji town of Nagpur where both the men and women clothing are available. It is also available in the city of Mumbai at Bhandup west and also at the Airport infinity mall for the high demand of the people.

In the state of Uttar Pradesh in the location of Ghaziadabad and Madhya Pradesh it is located in the place of Bhopal as an entire shopping mall.

Rajasthan people have a Zara clothing store at the capital city of Jaipur in the world trade park.

In Kerala it is situated at Kozhikode and at many other multiple places as the clothing store and also in Telengana.

Karnataka state has its Zara at Bengaluru and also at other different places and Tamil Nadu has its store at Chennai. Chandigarh people are also has the advantage of getting the clothing store at their places.

Zara India has the latest thing at your fingertip. They change their collection with the ongoing trends and that keeps them the latest in trend. And this factor is being liked by most of the customers to shop at Zara without any kind of hesitations in unlimited shopping.

By: samaratzakoopi | February 09, 2016

Fashion is always evolving and of you want to stay in trend, it is a must that you choose the trendy and fashionable clothes for you. However, following the fashion magazines and trying to club together various individual elements and articles together to create your own fashion statement is not a possible option nowadays. This is because it will take a lot of your time to roam around the markets and choose the selective and individual items that have the potential of being amazingly fashionable and trendy.


Hence, you need to choose the easy way around, and that is the option of choosing a store that will create and bring the latest styles, trend, and fashion through their latest clothing lines and collections. Be it the outerwear or the inner garments, fashion is something that can be flaunted and lived with, through everything you wear and use. In such a case, it is a great opportunity for you if a brand would bring a ready collection that follows the recent fashion trends.

Choosing the right store:

In the huge market of fashion and style, there are many options that you will find to be extremely good in terms of their collection. However, not all and every brand will suit your taste. Some sell traditional Indian outfits, and some specialize in ethnic and Indo-Western garments. Many others are there that have the widest collection for casuals, formals, and semi formals. These stores are very much in demand and in vogue as the largest section of the shopping crowd is the youth. They are keener about casuals and the section of this crowd that is working, is always looking for something formal to be worn at their workplace or semi-formal that they can team up during various semi-formal occasions and events. Forever 21 India is one such store that will satiate your quench for such casual clothes.

Ease and comfort:

When brands were introduced to the Indian market, there were very limited numbers of stores and outlets and that too only in the major cities of the country. Now, even the not so crowded cities too have various shopping malls with some of the international brands and a number of their outlets or stores.

Forever 21 India is one such brand that has a number of options and outlets that will help you in having a very comfortable and convenient shopping experience. This is because the many outlets that they have throughout the country and in many cases, there are multiple stores throughout a city. There is a great trend in the current shopping community to shop online. However, this never gives you the opportunity to hold, touch and feel as well as try the dresses, garments and clothes as well as the accessories in person. Visiting the stores of this brand throughout the country will let you the chance to try the different options and thus, pick up the ones that will suit yourself most. This will ensure that you will stay in fashion.

By: samaratzakoopi | February 08, 2016

Although most people consider the dresses that are meant for special occasions and festivals to be most important in the wardrobe, the casuals are actually more important buys. The beautiful, heavily embellished dresses that are meant for special occasions are always very pretty and make you look very beautiful. But, the casual dresses are a lot more important in your daily dealings. They are not as glamorous as the festive dresses and clothes. But they can make you as fashionable as in some heavy attire, provided you choose the right ones.


When it comes to buying clothes, the girls are always blessed with the number of options that they have. Even in Casual Clothes, they can look stunning and fabulous. Although you will often find the jeans, denim and crop tops or skirts not very classy and sophisticated, the dresses certainly can make you look very beautiful. Dresses are available in all shapes and sizes, and they make every girl, regardless of her skin tone, her size or height, look beautiful.

The advantage of wearing dresses:

The dresses are available in a wide range of options. They are available in various materials or fabrics. Hence, if you are thin, you can choose the heavy fabrics that will give you an amount of volume. In case you are slightly on the heavier side of the weighing machine, you can choose the fabrics that are light. Chiffon, georgette, satin, thin velvet –these materials are very comfortable. Dresses made up of these materials can be worn as casuals for your college, tuition classes, while hanging out with friends, in casual and light-heartedevents and also for informal gatherings and parties. Zara India is one of the most popular dressmaker brands in the country that has a wide collection of dresses that are very suitable for casual occasions.

What to choose?

Choosing the right dress for you can be a daunting task if you do not know the rules. Blindly visiting a Zara outlet or store with the mind of buying any dress is not the right way. You must make sure that the prints are casual and in that case, the floral prints or even the geometric patterns like stripes and diagonal shapes are very popular and suitable. Certainly, you must avoid the heavily embellished dresses that have too much of work and lace and borders or accessories attached to them.

Simple and sober is the key to casual dresses. You need to make sure that the fabric and the silhouette suit your body fit. If you are not comfortable with what you are wearing, it will not make you confident. Now that you have known the right type that would suit your style and taste, you need to try the different lengths. It is entirely up to you, whether you want to choose a mini dress, midi dress or a maxi dress. Every dress has its own style, and the perfect length will give you a better appeal. Have your mind set and buy the one for you.

By: samaratzakoopi | February 08, 2016

In a country like India, where winter comes as a guest and stays only for about a few months, the entire population has to deal with the scorching heat for most of the time. With the sweat, the temperature and the excessive heat, the clothes play a very important role in the overall well-being. Be it a casual day or a special occasion during the hot summers, you need to enjoy yourself with complete peace of mind. The cotton clothes give you this freedom of enjoying summers, with no trouble of unbearable sweat.

Although you have known that cotton clothes are your only way out of escaping the tremendous heat, there is the fact that pure cotton is something that not any and every store in India offers. However, eliminating this shortcoming, many stores like Fabindia India, have come into being with their organic, 100% pure and unmixed cotton fabrics and clothing lines. A collection of clothes that is purely based on the ethnic and traditional dressing style of India, this brand has been the talk of the country, especially in the fashion arena.

Choosing the right clothing:

Be it this brand or any other brand that works on cotton clothes, you need to know what style of clothing suits the hot summer days in India. Even if it is cotton, if you choose something that is very tight in fit, that covers you entirely leaving no gap for air to pass, it will not make you feel comfortable. In that case, you need to choose something that will give you comfort and at the same time make you look trendy and fashionable.

Kurtis and suits for women and shirts for men are in always in fashion:

Cotton kurtas are great options for any woman to try. You will be able to team the trendy and fashionable cotton kurtas that come in bright and yet sober colours. The design of the Kurtis, the light self-prints and a little embroidery work, give these kurtasa lot of ethnic appeals. In the recent trend and fashion, there has been a great popularity of teaming up these kurtas with Palazzos and not limit the scopes and opportunities only to the leggings.

Even the men can get rid of the polyester shirts that are mostly fully sleeved. The pure cotton and linen shirts that are half sleeved, khadi shirts and even cotton T-shirts are very comfortable to wear and at the same time, very fashionable. If you like ethnic wear, you can choose the organic prints that use vegetable colours in printing the blocks. Vegetable dyes and light and comfortable shades that are not harmful to the skin are solely used by the Fabindia brand. You will be able to find out a something that will suit your taste and requirement. Even ladies can find cotton Sarees; Suits and men can buy Trousers in pure cotton from this brand. This will ensure that their summers are very comfortable and yet fashionable.

By: samaratzakoopi | February 06, 2016

If you are fond of ethnic wear then must visit a place where the men’s Ethnic Wears’ collection is huge. It is the Manyavar I am talking about.  Manyavar is the right place to get the ethnic dresses for thewedding ceremony. Here you can find a great collection of Sherwani, Indo western outfits and other designer suits. However, this place is not only confined to the ethnic wedding dresses. Here you can find your favourite Party Wears and suitable accessories which are truly commensurate to the essence of occasions. All products reflect the delightful craftsmanship. The main manufacturing unit of this place is in Kolkata; however, there are millions of stores at most of the countries. Manyavar is not only the trading house of the men’s ethnic wear, but it is also a brand.



It is going to expand its business


Manyavar had its largest number of outlets in India till 2015. It is now going to expand its business in all over the world. It is going to increase the number of Exclusive Brand Outlets or EBOs to 600 from the current outlet number 387. It has projected this to be done within next two years. The brand is also going to expand its business channels in the United States and the United Kingdom. It has established its first outlet in the international market in Dubai and now they are opening their outlets in Bangladesh also. If you go through the history of the brand, then you can see that the famous designers and artisans of this country started the journey of Manyavar applying the state of the art technology. You just cannot imagine how much the manufacturing capacity is. This brand’s manufacturing capacity is ten times more than that of the closest opponent.

The best operation


When you would go for the best wedding suits, you can find this brand besides you. The operation of this place is best among all. The expert designers would always be helping you to find the right kind of design that commensurate with the essence of the ceremony. The beautiful and delicate handcraft of the artisans adds the elegant look in the occasion. You would never find such flawless operation anywhere in this country. The management service and other operations are done such a way so that you would never experience any problem. It can be noted here that it is not only a shop to you, but it is also more than that. It is a brand name which offers the best elegant ethnic wears for men.


They are expert in the Indo-Western dresses


Most of the people now want to become smart and ethnic during the wedding ceremony. Manyavar serves here the best service. The designers and the artisans are well expert in the sector of Indo-Western outfits, and this particular outfit is best suited for you if you would like to have the great combination of the Western designs with the traditional Indian ethnic culture. What are you waiting for? Visit there and be the focus of the ceremony.

By: samaratzakoopi | February 06, 2016

Are you looking for a very feminine, yet attractive and glamorous look for yourself? Then probably the boring, same old Trousers, Jeans, Skirts and Tops would not do the job. They are very casual and make your look casual and unattractive. If you want to make your casuals look attractive and impressive as well as stylish, you need to spend a lot of money in the right shoes, the right jewellery or accessories and also the right makeup. However, if you do not want to spend that much of time and still flaunt beautiful attire, then the dresses would be the best one for you.

Varieties of dresses:

Many people have the misconception that the dresses are not suitable for all seasons and all occasions. However, the fact is otherwise. All that you need to do is choose the right dress for the right season. There are dresses that you can wear during the summer or spring. These are mostly made up of cotton fabric or chiffon and georgette. These are very light in weight and very comfortable to wear. You can always choose the ones that are thin spaghetti strapped. This gives the summer dress a very fresh look that is also comfortable. In fact, sleeveless dresses and boat necks with short lengths are very much suitable for summers. If you have them, and you often wonder, when it would be right to flaunt them, summer is the right time.


The long dresses with woollen, polyester and other heavy materials are always suitable for the winter season. If you are unsure about the varieties, you can always visit a store like Zara India that has a huge collection of dresses for every season. Their dresses, designed for winter are very much in vogue. In most cases, the winter dresses are medium in length. This ensures that you do not have to face any difficulty in the chilling weather. Heavy lace dresses are very much in winter fashion.

Choose something stylish:

If you want to choose something stylish, you can always go with the maxi dresses. The maxi dresses are very contemporary and can be worn even informal parties, occasions and semi-formal gatherings. You can go the chic style with lighter fabrics and also the bold style with faux leather dresses. This is entirely up to you, which one you would like to wear.

Finding the right store:

There are a number of stores that are available in the market that is quite renowned for their dress designs. However, if you are looking for the quality products, choose the branded dresses from Zara. This brand is very popular and has a number of stores or outlets in India. The Zara will offer you affordable and stylish dresses in mini, midi and maxi styles, suitable for various seasons. Whether you want one for summer or one for winter, you will be able to find the right one for you that suits your style and fashion statement. Just determine your budget and you are ready to go.

By: samaratzakoopi | February 06, 2016

In the Indian population, where a majority of the population is youth, the requirement for casual clothes is huge. They visit colleges, hang out with friends, go to tuition classes and even in any other casual occasion, party and gatherings, they are always in the need to have a good collection of casual clothing. The casuals are essential as they are fit for informal situations and occasions. If you get dressed in Trousers and Formal Shirts or even in festive clothing such as Saree or suits or even Lehenga, you will look odd in the crowd.

In such a situation, it is very useful that you have your wardrobe stacked up with the best, latest and stylish casual tops and shirts. These can be teamed up with denim trousers, distressed Jeans, and paddle pushers or even with Skirts. With the right Casual Top or shirt, you will be able to create your very own style statement. Many girls think that the casuals are meant for the ordinary occasions and cannot be worn at special gatherings and informal parties. But that is not the fact. You can always team up your casual top with the right bottom and wear some attractive and essential accessories. This will add some bling to your attire, and you will be all set to attend the party or gathering.


Have some crop tops:

The very basics and the latest design trends in tops are the crop-top designs. This is the latest in fashion, and hence, it is a must to have in your wardrobe. It is always up to you to choose, whether you want to have a layered crop top made up of georgette or chiffon material, or you want one in lace or net. However, you can also select the ones made up of the cotton fabrics that are very comfortable to wear in our climate. Forever 21 Delhi stores have a great collection of branded crop tops to choose from.

Shirts and shirt style tops:

If you are looking for something a bit exclusive or semi-formal, you can always choose the shirts or shirt style tops. The shirt style tops are nothing but the shirt patterned tops that do not have buttons. This unique pattern makes these shirts a bit different from the regular shirt. Certainly they are available in a number of necklines and also collars.

Whether you are looking for the full sleeve shirts or half or three-quarter sleeves, you will find them all available at the best or branded stores like Forever 21 India. Even if you are looking for the denim shirts and tops or crop tops, a number of unique patterns and styles are available at their store. The very basic factor that you need to keep in mind is that the greys, whites and blacks are the basic shades and colours that are very much in this season. Hence, if you are looking for a top for yourself, you need to choose one in the trendy shades or colours.

By: samaratzakoopi | February 06, 2016

Teenagers and adult alike in the Indian subcontinent have become highly brand conscious owing to the continual increase in western influence when it comes to the field of fashion. With numerous leading international brands launching their products in the Indian markets on a daily basis, we see an exponential rise in the number of people that pick their clothes according to the brand. Nowadays, people do not mind shelling out those extra bucks to have the right label attached to the back of their clothing. In this article, we take a look at some of the leading brands that have been behind the fashion revolution in India.



This brand is often known commonly for its exquisite and innovative collections in the Jeans segment. However, contrary to public opinion, Wrangler is about much more than just denims. Their casual wear collection is quite easy on the wallet and yet stunning in appearance. Some of the best Casual Wear looks of this year have been on display at wranglers. Their fabrics are comfortable and color friendly. If you are looking for sophisticated clothes to suit elegant occasions, Vero Moda India is a better choice. However, for casuals, Wrangler is one of the best there is.


Quite like Wrangler, Lee is yet another brand that is commonly identified for its iconic collections of jeans and assumed to be a store whose denim collections are its only feather in the hat. This is not true in the least. While the ever-fashionable denim ranges of Lee are considered its most lucrative aspect, other casual wear articles are quite trendy and desirable here. One of the best features of Lee is that the clothes are free-for-all size suiting bodies of all types and shapes. Though one is more likely to find sleek and sexy dresses at Vero Moda India, a cool and casual look can be achieved at Lee.


The name of the store itself means for vogue, or for contemporary fashion. This store is characterized by its high levels of innovation and quirky designing. The colors are eccentric, to say the least, and many geometric patterns are incorporated into the collections that are put on display at Provogue. While aging adolescents and women prefer subtly beautiful collections at stores like Vero Moda India, the youngsters and teenagers in India love the fashionable collections launched at Provogue.

Vero Moda India:

This is the creme de la crème of international brands in India. At Vero Moda India, one absolutely cannot go wrong when shopping for clothes. Elegance is the bold statement conveyed through every one of their exquisite and intricate dresses. Although clothes at Vero Moda India cannot truly be called inexpensive when compared to other brands in the category, they more than compensate for the extra bucks shelled out in terms of style, cut, and fabric. It is said that one does not alter a Vero Moda for oneself, but alters oneself for a Vero Moda. Such is the beauty and classy vibe given off by the dresses sold here.

By: samaratzakoopi | February 03, 2016

The wedding lehengas are the most exquisitely made pieces of apparel. There are many shops that sell out traditional lehengas at nominal prices. Apart from that, the brides are also opting for expensive designer lehengas these days who give promise them exclusive designs. However, brides must be careful not to go for just any lehengas suggested by their designers. You must know that every piece of clothing will not suit you as there are many factors to be considered before buying that perfect piece for your dream day. Out of the factors, besides the body type, color is one of the most important.

In this article, you will be provided with some important tips on how to choose Designer Lehengas according to color.


Shades of red for your d-day:

The most preferred and the traditionally accepted color is red and the shades of it. This is a happy color which is a favorite for brides, especially the north Indian ones. So if you want your wedding the traditional way opt for this color or the shades of maroon, marsala, tomato red, blood red, etc. This color is not restricted to any skin texture so anyone can wear it without giving it a second thought. The embroidery works that are best suited for an apparel of this shade are the ones with intricate gold works. Well, you can also opt for combinations different combinations like red and green.

Go the pink way:

This girlie and the chic color is on a rising demand these days and is suggested for brides with a fair skin tone. Many designers are choosing this color and its shades for their experimentations. This young color is seen to be sported by many celebrities in India and of course, it is not surprising how girls follow trends set by Bollywood biggies. As far as embroideries are considered, Pink colored lehengas usually have works of silver. This pastel shade is now days infused with pearl and bead work.

Wearing contrasting colors:

These days you find lehengas which have double contrasting or even triple contrasting colors in some cases. You can choose this kind of lehengas according to your skin tone as the darker hues will suit the fairer bride as the lighter ones will suit the brides with a wheatish complexion though the opposite is possible as well. Green and red, orange and pink, copper mixed with antique bronze work are the preferred colors for double contrast. Red, green and gold, green, pink and orange are popular for a triple contrasting one. Additionally, Kundan or polki jewelry goes well with these outfits.

Fabric dependent colors:

The choice of fabric also influences the choice of colors. The fabrics like net, georgette and chiffon go well with lighter and pastel hues like pink, orange and yellow. On the other hand, shades like red, maroon, brown and green are suited for fabrics like velvet and satin.

As the bride is the center of attraction, she must choose her wedding outfit wisely.

By: samaratzakoopi | February 02, 2016

Indian fashion wear for women has drastically changed over the years. Earlier, women prefer to wear only sarees and salwar kameez, but now various stylish collections have added to the list, including kurtas with leggings and jeans, jeans and tops, dresses and gowns, and many more. When it comes to Kurtis, these are the preferred attire of today's women and girls for various purposes or for all occasions. These kurtas are definitely an impressive innovation of the Indian fashion designer, revealing a perfect mix of modernization and ethnicity. 

Nowadays, these kurtas are getting high popularity because of their unique prints, attractive designs, and modish patterns. Also, fashion designers are using bewitching color combinations to design printed motifs that are usually in the form of geometrical shapes, objects of nature, and other things. These designer and color-rich patterns are effective in displaying the rich festivity of any occasion. Also, these kurtas are available in a broad range of fabric, like cotton, chiffon, georgette, silk and more. You can choose among these as per your liking and body type.


Here, we are some of the popular stores from where you can buy kurtas in varied sizes and designs.

1. Chhavi Designer Garments: The Company has its online store from where you can buy an exclusive collection of women kurtas in captivating shades and designs. These kurtas are designed on quality fabric in contemporary styling and are available in a range of sizes and colors. Here, you will find designer kurtas, printed kurtas, party-wear kurtis, and kurtis in cotton, georgette, and other fabric. Also, all these types of kurtas are available at a very economical rate.

2. Global Desi: This fashion store of popular Indian fashion designer Anita Dongre is known for offering a beautiful collection of designer kurtas at varied price ranges. Global Desi offers a rich and colorful line of boho-chic collections, which are globally inspired and are highly appealing. Here, you will find latest design and pattern kurtas in a wide range of colors and sizes.

3. Snehal Creations: The store is popular for its new era of designs, inspired by Bollywood style. In order to create a distinct style statement, most of the girls and women love to wear Bollywood style kurtas. These kurtas are not only chic and smart in looks, but are also comfortable to wear. You can buy exclusively designed kurtas from the store that is perfect for all purposes, whether worn as casual wear, party wear or formal wear.

4. Biba: Besides its physical stores across the country, the brand also has its online store, from where you can shop for gorgeously designed kurtas at ease. At the store, you will find latest design kurtas in Anarkali pattern, straight fit, asymmetric pattern, flared fit and in kalidar pattern for best outlook. Also, these kurtas are available in various fabric, neck designs, sleeves style, and color combinations.

5. Fashionara: At this fashion store, you will find a wide collection of kurtas in a range of patterns, sleeves and body length and attractive colors. Also, the best part is that you will find latest design kurtis of various brands under one roof.

So, make your look more stylish and engaging by buying kurtas from these stores.

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Putting on the right dress has always been the sign of your personality and status starting from the times of the emperors and attendance to their chambers. As time passed by, an evolution of dressing came about and we know how important proper dressing up is today. Formal dress for men has been the full sleeved Shirts for centuries, with mild variations here and there.



With the fashion trends always changing almost all of us are left thinking about what to wear at times. To look sharp and stylish while being in a tight budget is a hard task for men especially.


Tips To Buy Stylish Full Sleeve Shirts for Men


The Professional


Tuxedo shirts are the best known formal shirts made for men. These shirts are a wonderful creations made with the finest materials.

These shirts are almost never wrinkled causing them to look splendid on any man. The most sought out collars are the wing collars of the tuxedo shirt and requires a necktie to go along with it. However, there are more casual variations in these shirts for which neckties are not essential.


The Cool Guy


Formal dressing is not limited within your office routines. They can be just as easily worn to any special occasions your heart pleases. Men in general look breathtaking in their formals as it provides them with a slimmer appearance and delivers a precise look.


The Little Details


A formal shirt may appear to be a truly simple form of clothing; it is, in a man’s dressing, perhaps the most important part.

The type of shirt which suits you best should be found at first. A shirt that compliments your figure the best gives you the luxury of not having to worry about style too much.


Although, the colour of a formal shirt must be kept in mind while buying. A full sleeve shirt can build or break your personality based on its colour. Clothing means representing yourself to others. You wouldn’t want yourself misrepresented, would you? 




The quality of the material should always be fine, you have to make sure of that when you buy a full sleeve shirt from a retail store or online. 


Trusted Brand


A shirt from a branded store such as Jack and Jones will last a very long time provided you take proper care of it. The formal full sleeved shirts come with instructions and directions regarding the techniques and methods of washing them. If you follow those guidelines, you can easily stretch the life of your shirt.


The Ladies Dig it


Also, it is no secret that the opposite gender sighs at the sight of a man rolling up his sleeves. Combine class with sexiness and you have got the perfect clothing for yourself. 


Jack and Jones are the leading brand in Men’s wear and their collection of Full Sleeve Mens Shirts is to die for. Check out Jack and Jones today.

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Most individuals love to wear a pair of jeans and casual tees or shirts for their daily look. It requires the least amount of trouble and it is very easy to carry them off. A casual look is the best way to go for an everyday look. It makes the wearer comfortable and they can go about their work easily. Levi's India has a collection of amazing casual’s shirts and jeans for men and women. Most of the brands cater to the Indian need by keeping in mind the average body shape of any Indian man or woman.

Types of shirts to choose from

There are many types of Shirts available on the market to choose from. You can be assured that you will find something that will suit all your needs and requirements. The shirts are all mostly formal collared and used for formal wear. Cotton or a cotton mix is most popular. There are some party type shirts as well that have Chinese collars or different styles that make them quite unique. The designs are more or less self-coloured. Both men and women seem to prefer self-coloured shirts.

Types of jeans available in the market

Though the material is the same for jeans, yet the cut and styles differ a lot. You can opt from various colours as well. The conventional blue color has given way to different colours, with black being one of the most popular colours. The cuts differ a lot too. Straight fit or flared bottoms are quite popular. While men go for a loose variety, women prefer their Jeans to be tighter around their legs. You can choose from other types as well, being the height of the waist. Some jeans come in low waist style while others are high waist styles.


Tips for men and women

Jeans is a universal wear which is an essential in most wardrobes. You can pair your jeans with a number of things. You need to keep in mind your body shape and what you feel most comfortable in. jeans are all about comfort and fitting thus; it is mandatory to try to a few types before ascertaining which will be best for you. You should also keep in mind the cut that will suit you best. Following trends blindly is the most common mistake made by most individuals. Buying a pair of jeans is a very personal activity since the jeans need to cater to the needs of your body. Thus, you should trust your judgement the best.

When it comes to shirts, you should keep your skin tone in mind and choose the colour accordingly. The material needs to be chosen based on the climate of the place. The numerous types of shirts on offer at Levi's India stores all over the country will definitely help you to choose shirts that will make you look stylish and make you feel comfortable. The jeans and shirt combination is a classic combination that is there to stay.

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    Many times you get confused about making a pair of your jeans with a perfect Shirt. Also, when you are out for shopping, you may enter a denim store to get denim for you and then may browse many other stores to get shirt matching with the jeans. If you are caught up in such a situation, then you need a store where you can get all your items under one single roof. There are a number of such amazing brands available at present from where you can get pairing skinny jeans with the perfect shirt.


Get your pair of skinny jeans


If you wish to get a pair of skinny jeans that not only fits you properly but also give you a proper look, then surely you should try out some of the best brands such as Vero Moda. Unlike the normal denims, while buying a pair of skinny jeans, there are a number of things that you need to take care of. It is not always that your waist size will be the same for skinny jeans that were there for the normal denims.


Also, while trying the skinny jeans, you need to check out whether the Jeans is perfect and fit at your other parts or not such as the hip, thighs and ankles. A slight incorrect measurement or choice can make you feel uncomfortable in it and also can make you look odd. These days there are a number of patterns as per which you can buy jeans that depend on your body structure. You may have a heavy waist but a small butt, or may have a thin waist, a small butt along with broad things. Take the help of the assistants and you can get the perfect piece for you in which you can flaunt yourself.

Get the perfect shirt for your skinny jeans


If your shopping for the skinny jeans is done, and you wish to get a perfect shirt that can match up with it, then also you can rely on these brands only such as Vero Moda and others. There are a number of patterns and designs of shirts that you can see displayed and stacked on the racks. You can have formal appearance shirts, or a appearance tee shirt and even a kurta type shirt that you can match up with your jeans.


Women with small lower portions can go for short shirts that they can either tug in or can leave it over the jeans. But women with a bit heavier lower portions can go for kurta type or a long shirt that will cover the hips and a small portion the thighs. You can choose from different materials such as cotton, silk, chiffon and many others along with varied colors and designs.


Casual also wear if not worn with proper contrast may at times look very bad. Head towards some of the good brands where you can get the best-fitted jeans and can also match it up with a perfect shirt of your choice. 

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When it comes to buying Men’s Tee’s and shirts, there are certain guidelines to be followed to make a fair deal. Lee comes with a huge collection of Tees and Shirts for men be it formal or casual. T- Shirts have a wide range of varieties, starting from different necklines like V- shaped or Polo, different fabrics or different fits. Delhi has a lot of showrooms for Lee Delhi and other popular brands. So before choosing the right one for yourself, go through the following guidelines.



Go for the right size


The first thing to remember while going to buy T-Shirts or Shirts is to find the right size. You should understand the difference between a T-Shirt that is too tight and the one that looks like a tent on you. If you have a well-toned torso, you can go for a body hugging Tee. Otherwise, go for a little loose one that will ensure you all the comforts that you want in a casual wear. While for a shirt it is very easy to determine which size is perfect for you. Lift up the shirt at the back of your shoulders and see whether the seams where the sleeves are attached fall directly in a line with the edge of the shoulders. A size bigger than yours will hang beneath your shoulders and a size smaller will get stuck midway between your shoulders and neck. Lee has all the prominent sizes for Tees and shirts from where you can choose one for yourself.

Choose the fabric in which you are most comfortable


Lee has T-shirts and shirts made of different fabrics like cotton, polyester, cotton blends and polyester mesh that are mixed fabric. Cotton is breathable but needs daily care as it gathers wrinkles faster. On the other hand polyester also is breathable and also wrinkles free but because of its shiny texture, it cannot be worn for every occasion.

Choose the necklines that suit you


T-Shirts have different necklines out of which V-neck, and the crew neck is the favorites for men. Depending on your build you should choose your T- shirt’s neckline. If you have shorter but heavy body then go for the V- neck as it creates an illusion of longer neck and make you look slimmer. On the other side if you have a lean figure them you can opt for the crew neck as it makes your shoulders look wider.


Check the Sleeves


If you are choosing half sleeves, T-shirts or shirts make sure the sleeves end midway in your upper arm. If you favor long sleeve shirt and want to fold it make sure you have well-toned biceps to show off.


Check the color


When choosing the color for your Tees and Shirts go for colors that have a masculine appeal. Black, white and gray is among the favorites for men. Black tees can be matched with almost anything, and also, it appears formal than other casuals. For shirts, go for stripes that have a universal appeal.


Choose your favorite shirts and tees from Lee by either visiting their showrooms or placing orders online. Follow the above guidelines while buying and get the maximum benefits out of it.

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Capris are a popular type of three – quarter or mid-calf pants that are generally worn during the warmer days. The Capris have become very popular among ladies in the United States, Asia, Latin America and Europe. Nowadays besides women and girls, men also love to wear Capris. The reasons for their preferences for Capris are as below.





Capris provide for the excellent comfort that is the requirement at the end of the day. If you are comfortable in what you are wearing, your buoyancy becomes visible from the way you behave. You feel the confidence inside you that is well reflected in your attitude. Smartness is not just the way you dress; it also depends on every minute detail on how well you can carry yourself. Capris provide you will all these that add poise to your attitude. Capris can be of a soft fabric like cotton, or they are also available in denims. You can choose any of your favorite Capris. Only Delhi is a very popular brand wherein you can find your favorite Capris for all seasons online.


Style Statements


Capris available by Only – A popular brand known for its versatility can meet all your style statements. Besides providing for a great comfort, it adds variety to your style that you love to flaunt. Available in trendy designs you can choose any of the branded Capris in fabric or in denims and step out in style. ‘Cargo’ pants styled in the way of Capris are in nowadays and have become a hot favorite among teenagers.


Excellent fit


You can never look good in something that does not fit well into your body. Capris are available in all branded shops like that at Only, which provides for the exact fit that looks perfect for all body types. The waistline in the Capri is very well detailed which neither is too tight nor too loose. It fits for every size and is available in plus sizes too.


Low Price


The best part of Capris is that they are available at a comparatively lower rate as compared to other casuals. You can find branded Capris also at a much cheaper rate. If you want a fair deal while purchasing your favorite Capris from branded shops, you can go for Only. You can also shop online Capris from popular brands like Only.


Easy carrying


Capris do not take much place in your bag pack and so can be carried without any luggage. It is light weight and can be crumbled into a small ball and put in one corner of your bag.




The fabrics used in Capris are washable and remains as it is after several washes. It is not even necessary to iron it; you can wear it just as it is. It forms an excellent casual wear together with providing you with the latest designs and fashions that are in the market nowadays.


So buy as many Capris you want as your casual wears this season without compromising your comfort quotient and style needs.

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Fashion is one statement that is generally objectified as woman stuff. The fact is that men are equally fashionable and trendy. There are many casual apparels available for the men around. One of these very comfortable casuals is the shorts. Shorts are trendy and cool. It is totally new generation stuff. Many branded shorts are the most favoured apparels nowadays. Brands like that of Jack and Jones are very famous for the quality of shorts they produce. Though the shorts are available almost everywhere, there are few things one must take great care of while buying them.


Tips for Choosing Nice Shorts:

One should be extremely careful while buying of Shorts. Shorts are a kind of casual that doesn’t generally suit every casual occasion. One needs to follow exactly few points to select the perfect shorts. The first criterion for choosing the pants is the way they are fitting. A baggy short is an absolute nightmare one is looking forward to. Having a look at grandpa's thighs among the peers is just not acceptable. One needs to look extremely sure that the shorts are very much fitting them if only they do not have larger hips.

Also, the next thing to look out here is the colour of the shorts. Generally selecting a short with beige and colours like it are extremely traditional and can easily help one mingle in the crowd. But to add more fun element one can go for reds, greens, or blues. These would definitely help one stand out in the crowd.

The Most Important Points to Look At:

Among the other entire points, one considers there are two most important points that one should look at. The first important point is the pattern or the style of the pant. This point can create a lot of problems if not chosen wisely. Too many pockets in the shorts give an absolute bad look. One must be very careful while selecting this criterion. One should remember that the types of safari shorts are not recommended for a social party. They may suit an event of hiking or can even suit working outside but for family and social meetings, not at all.

The most important point to look at and remember totally is that one should choose the correct length of the shorts. These shorts are absolute style statement until the very moment they leave the boundary of 2-3 inches above the knee. It becomes a total turn-off and people become an object of the joke. One can wear shorts that come up to the knee or just exceed it by an inch. They can also look good if the maximum height they reach above the knee is 2-3 inches above the knee.

One should also remember that the brands matter. This one criterion may be different for different people but the brands like that of Jack and Jones Delhi surely have managed to prove this statement. If one selects the wrong kind of brand, then there are possible high chances that they wouldn’t love the product after few months itself.

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Which women don’t dream of a closet full of clothes? Women can never have enough of clothes. Moreover, the busy social butterfly those women have grown up demands for more and more clothes. Clothes are an indispensable part of the human sphere.

Now everyone wants to dress up in a unique way. Everyone wants to possess clothes that is one of a kind and is not possessed by any other body on the surface of the earth. Now with this aggravating demand for new and one of a kind clothes, the clothing industry is on their toes. They are in no mood to let go of this wave and will not leave any stone unturned to channelize this need into a flourishing business.

Now where can the women folk go to satiate their closet and their eyes? Here are a few tips to aid your shopping spree.





The eternally dedicated stores will never fade out. They are still there to supply you with shirts, tops, and tees that can never go wrong. Women can still rely on the various shops that only specialize in clothes. Women can go to these shops for their shirts, tops, and tees, and if you happen to be an old customer, you may be lucky enough to get some discount.




Now for the women who are always running around trying to strike a balance between the world and the home, time is a big constraint. So the best place for them is the air-conditioned shopping malls. A number of umbrella stores are housed by the malls where you are sure to be spoilt for choices and a great value for your money. Shopping for tees, shirts and tops at the malls is ideal for the women who are difficult to please. The shopping malls offer an array of stores where you are sure to find the right piece for you. Brands like Forever New Delhi sell really impressive women's wear that you will fall in love with.

Shopping for women's wear at the malls provides you with easy exchange policy that is quite hassle-free.




For women with shifting working hours, going out to buy that much-needed shirt or top is an Achilles hill. So in steps the online shopping portal to their rescue. These days you will come across a number of online shopping websites that are selling beautiful shirts, tees and tops for women. These websites have a new and revised exchange policy and easy return scheme. The online portals come with an easy size chart which makes choosing the right size a mere cakewalk.

The best time of the year for shopping is during the sale period. Most stores are ready to tempt the crazy shoppers by offering lucrative offers. Even big brands like Forever New provide a heavy discount on beautiful women's wear. The sale period enables you to shop at stores where shopping at another time of the year is quite impossible.